Droid O

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Fight as a spaceship captain in Droid-O to defeat the invading aliens.

The aliens are swarming to get their hands on Earth and its natural resources.
You are Earth's last hope against these aliens.

In this space shooter game, you will face an increasingly large number of aliens. Move your ship left and right by dragging it to kill the enemies and to save yourself from the aliens.

As you play further, the aliens get stronger. So you will need to upgrade your spaceship with some extra powers to fight against them.
For that reason, collect various powers like cannon, Shield, Rocket to kill aliens even faster and score big points.

Be careful as you will only get three lives to fight with the aliens.

So, are you ready to kill all the alien invaders and protect the earth?
Be the greatest captain of the spacecraft and protect the earth from the aliens.

Drag to Move


Action Arcade